Assistance with Rent

Are you facing a housing emergency and don’t know where to turn? Housing Counseling Services (HCS) has resources to help! While government financial rental assistance resources are limited, these resources and services may help you prevent eviction, avoid homelessness, and access and stabilize housing:

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Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP): Due to budget constraints, THE ERAP APPLICATION PORTAL WAS CLOSED ON MARCH 10, 2023. ERAP applications submitted prior to the closure are being processed. To check the status of your current ERAP application and for information about when the ERAP portal may reopen for new applications, check on-line at or call 202-507-6666

Government Resources for Tenants at Risk of Homelessness: DC residents with minor children who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability may contact the Virginia Williams Resource Center at 202-526-0017. Single individuals may access Project Reconnect at

Veterans: The HCS Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program offers veterans, who are homeless or at risk for homelessness, with case management and financial assistance with rent, utilities, and other necessities. Call 202-667-7366 or email

Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA): The HCS MHAP Program provides eligible HIV+ individuals and their families, with case management and financial assistance for rent, mortgage, utilities, food, moving costs, and other necessities. Call 202-900-9471 or email

Legal Resources: The Landlord Tenant Legal Assistance Network (LTLAN) provides FREE legal support to qualified DC residents. Call LTLAN at 202-780-2575 or go online to For other legal support contact DC’s Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA) at 202-719-6560. When facing eviction in court: seek legal support, attend all hearings, and there’s no need to run. Only US Marshalls are authorized to carry out evictions based upon court issued writs!

Tenant Rights: To discuss tenant rights when your building is being sold, dealing with poor conditions, and organizing a tenant association contact the HCS Tenant Services team at 202-900-9464 or

Fair Housing Rights: For information about your fair housing rights and for help filing housing discrimination complaints contact the HCS Fair Housing team at 202-681-8386 or

Housing Counseling and Budgeting Help: The HCS RISE Program offers housing counseling to help tenants establish a budget that prioritizes rent payments, learn about options to reduce the risk of eviction, and help to negotiate a payment plan with your landlord. Contact us at

Achieve Stable Housing: Join HCS’ webinars to learn more about how to achieve stable housing:
Register for our Webinars at or by calling 202-667-7606.

  • Tenant Rights and Resources Webinar – Learn how to protect yourself and sustain your housing.
  • Rental Housing Search Webinar – Learn ways to secure housing.
  • Money Matters Webinar – Learn about budgeting.
  • Inclusionary Zoning Webinar – Learn how to qualify for affordable IZ rentals.

For more information about these and other Housing Counseling Services’ programs check other areas of our website at or send an email to