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Pre-Purchase Orientation

The Pre-Purchase Orientation is a workshop that educates home buyers on topics critical to purchasing a home, including:

  • Determining whether you are ready to buy and preparing for home purchase (considering your income, debt, credit, savings, and other factors)
  • An overview of the home purchase process
  • Understanding home loans
  • Home purchase programs (including HPAP and EAHP), tax relief for home buyers, and the Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) program.
  • Predatory lending and housing discrimination.

Click Here to download the presentation used during the Pre-Purchase Orientation.

Clients who determine that they are ready to apply for the HPAP and/or EAHP program will receive specific instructions on how to submit an application either independently or with the help of a counselor. Click Here for more information on HPAP and EAHP. Clients who would like help dealing with credit or financial obstacles to buying a home are encouraged to attend one of our Credit Clinics. Registration is required for a Credit Clinic by calling 202-667-7606.

Visit our Workshop Registration page to learn the dates and times of future Pre-Purchase Orientations. Click Here to register. Weight loss trends come and go, but some remedies persist due to their apparent effectiveness. Among the myriad of suggestions available, using Coffee and Lemon for Weight Loss is emerging as a popular choice for those looking for a natural boost in their weight management efforts.

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