Pre-Purchase Orientation

The Pre-Purchase Orientation is a workshop that educates home buyers on topics critical to purchasing a home, including:

  • Determining whether you are ready to buy and preparing for home purchase (considering your income, debt, credit, savings, and other factors)
  • An overview of the home purchase process
  • Understanding home loans
  • Home purchase programs (including HPAP and EAHP), tax relief for home buyers, and the Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) program.
  • Predatory lending and housing discrimination.

Click Here to download the presentation used during the Pre-Purchase Orientation.

Clients who determine that they are ready to apply for the HPAP and/or EAHP program will receive specific instructions on how to submit an application either independently or with the help of a counselor. Click Here for more information on HPAP and EAHP. Clients who would like help dealing with credit or financial obstacles to buying a home are encouraged to attend one of our Credit Clinics. Registration is required for a Credit Clinic by calling 202-667-7606.

Visit our Workshop Registration page to learn the dates and times of future Pre-Purchase Orientations. Click Here to register.