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Checklists & Forms - We ask that you provide certain documents for all counseling sessions at HCS to help counselors assess your particular needs. View or print your checklist or form at our Download Center. Questions? Give us a call! 202-667-7006

File Description File size
pdf L T checklist Eng 02.24.16 LandlordTenant English Checklist
243 KB
pdf L&T Spanish Checklist LandlordTenant Spanish Checklist
115 KB
pdf LSW Checklist Eng 02.24.16 Lead Safe Wash English Checklist
180 KB
pdf LSW checklist Spanish 02.24.16 Lead Safe Wash Spanish Checklist
176 KB
223 KB
pdf HITE Interest Form HITE Interest Form
249 KB
pdf HITE Application (fillable) 1.26.23 255 KB
pdf ERAP Documentation Checklist 465 KB
pdf Spanish ERAP Full Application 1 MB
pdf ERAP Documentation Checklist (SPAN) 466 KB
pdf ERAP documentation request form 122 KB
pdf DC Mortgage Assistance Program Checklist DC MAP Checklist
282 KB
pdf Rental Arrears Verification Form 3.18 Rental Arrears Verification Form
221 KB
pdf PDF MHAP Housing Services Referral DC-08-26-16 Final MHAP DC Housing Services Referral Form
269 KB
pdf HCS MHAP FAP DC Application - Fillable April 2018 MHAP DC FAP Application 3.2018
5 MB
pdf PDF MHAP Housing Services Referral PGCMD-08-26-16 Final MHAP Prince Georges MD Housing Services Referral Form
270 KB
pdf MHAP PGCounty FAP Application 8-4-16 PDF MHAP Prince Georges FAP Application
390 KB
pdf Security Deposit-1st Month Rent Form April 2018 Security Deposit-1st Month Rent Form
280 KB
pdf Client Grievence Policy Form-MHAP 3.18 MHAP Client Grievence Policy Form
195 KB
pdf PDF MHAP Housing Services Referral CharlesMD-08-26-16 Final MHAP Charles MD Housing Services Referral Form
269 KB
pdf IZ and ADU checklist 2018 IZ/ADU English Checklist
192 KB
pdf Spanish IZ and ADU Income Certification Document Checklist IZ/ADU Spanish Checklist
221 KB
pdf Locate Housing checklist 01.01.18 Renter/Locate Housing English Checklist
216 KB
pdf Spanish Locate Housing Checklist 01.01.18 Locate Housing Spanish Checklist
190 KB
pdf Money Credit 01.01.18 Budget / Credit English Checklist
312 KB
pdf Spanish Money Credit Checklist 01.01.18 Budget / Credit Spanish Checklist
177 KB
pdf Spanish Pre-Purchase Checklist 01.01.18 Pre-Purchase Spanish Checklist
369 KB
237 KB
pdf Post Occupancy Document Checklist 01.01.18 Post-Occupancy English Checklist
232 KB
pdf Spanish Post Occupancy Checklist 01.01.18 Post-Occupancy Spanish Checklist
286 KB
pdf SFR 01.01.18 Single-Family Rehab English Checklist
348 KB
pdf Spanish SFR checklist 01.01.18 Single-Family Rehab Spanish Checklist
183 KB
pdf Homesaver 01.01.18 Homesaver English Checklist
175 KB
pdf Pre-Purchase checklist 01.01.18 Pre-Purchase English Checklist
235 KB
pdf ERAP Full Application 1 MB
pdf Spanish Homesaver Checklist 01.01.18 Homesaver Spanish Checklist
285 KB
pdf SSVF Referral Form (revised 01-17-20) SSVF Referral Form
138 KB
pdf Housing Services Referral Package DC 10/2018 MHAP Housing Services Referral Package
371 KB
pdf HCS-EFA-Application-10-27-22-Final 483 KB
pdf EFA Referral Certification PDF EFA Referral Certification
408 KB
pdf EFA Moving Assistance Inventory List PDF EFA Moving Assistance Inventory
308 KB
pdf EFA Homelessness Verification Form PDF EFA Homelessness Verification Form
118 KB
pdf EFA Zero Income Affidavit PDF EFA Zero Income Affidavit
117 KB
pdf DD checklist 06.2019 Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Checklist
300 KB
pdf DD Spanish Checklist 06.2019 Spanish Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Checklist
251 KB
pdf Submission Checklist ReMIT 10-2019 Fillable REMIT Submission Checklist 10-2019
413 KB
pdf Spanish HPAP 01.01.18 HPAP Spanish Checklist
174 KB
pdf SHARP Application 1-27-2022 (fillable) SHARP Application (Fillable) 1.27.22
436 KB
pdf SHARP Brochure 1-27-2022 SHARP Brochure 1.27.22
288 KB
pdf SSVF Pamphlet (Updated 10.15.19) SSVF Brochure
238 KB

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