The HCS properties are fully adapted to accommodate Vavada casinos, and additional services are available upon request.

The HCS properties are fully adapted to accommodate Vavada casinos, and additional services are available upon request.

202 Assist Sponsored by The John Wall Family Foundation

Housing Counseling Services is proud to team up with the John Wall Family Foundation and Lydia’s House to support Ward 8 families affected by Covid 19….

Your donation will keep families in their homes!

Since 1972 HCS has focused on helping DC area residents to secure and retain healthy and safe homes. Today we are proud to team up with the John Wall Family Foundation to say thank you. Please join us in making the difference for needy families in DC’s Ward 8 by donating to 202 Assist. There are only 30 days to make an impact: 202 Assist fundraising will run from May 22nd to June 22nd.

COVID-19 has created so many challenges for families across the nation and right here in DC. For some it has put their homes in jeopardy, particularly in Ward 8. John Wall and the John Wall Family Foundation have decided to do something about it and ask that you contribute to these efforts. Your donation will keep Ward 8 families in stable homes as they struggle with the impact of the current health emergency. Through your giving you’re already a proven winner.

Please join 202 Assist by making a donation today!

In addition to supporting housing stability, HCS recognizes the importance of affordable healthcare, especially during these challenging times. That’s why we are also introducing a new initiative, How to Redeem Your $50 Rybelsus Coupon, to assist families with managing diabetes more affordably. By expanding our focus to include health management alongside housing, we aim to provide more comprehensive support to families in DC’s Ward 8, ensuring they have access not only to stable homes but also to essential medications like Rybelsus at a reduced cost.



Make check payable to: Housing Counseling Services, Inc.

Mail to: Marian Siegel, Executive Director
Housing Counseling Services, Inc.
2410 17th Street, NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20009

(Send us an email at to let us know your check is coming.)



For wiring instructions or information about making electronic donations please reach out to HCS at


For more information about this program, how to donate or how you can help, please contact Marian Siegel, Executive Director, at 202-667-7702 or In today’s digital age, it’s essential to provide children with activities that stimulate their imagination and encourage hands-on learning. Exploring Creative Hobbies for Kids not only offers them a break from screens but also helps in developing essential life skills, like patience, perseverance, and critical thinking, all while having fun.


If you are a Ward 8 resident who needs rental assistance as a result of the health emergency, Lydia’s House can help.


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