Metropolitan Housing Access Program (MHAP), is the centralized source for housing services and housing information for persons living with HIV/AIDS. MHAP offers MHAP Financial Assistance, MHAP Housing Programs, and Housing Information & Referral Services (HIRS) for eligible Charles County residents.

MHAP Housing Programs for Charles County Residents

Persons living with HIV who are experiencing homelessness, unstable housing, foreclosure, poor housing conditions, or other housing related problems can be referred to the Housing Counseling Service’s Metropolitan Housing Assistance Program (MHAP) for housing services.  MHAP staff will assist HOPWA eligible households develop a plan to respond to housing barriers and explore housing options.  Assistance may include:  referrals to emergency, transitional housing programs; housing search counseling, budgeting and credit counseling, tenancy rights and responsibilities counseling, and connection to employment services and programs.

***Contact your community based case manager to submit a MHAP Housing Services Referral Package to HCS on your behalf. If you do not have a case manager, please contact HCS for assistance.

  • – Click here to download the MHAP Charles County Housing Services Referral Package.

*Additional Forms:

  • Click here to download a Zero Income statement.
  • Click here to download a Homelessness Verification form.
  • Click here to download the MHAP HMIS Release of Information form.

Housing Information and Referral Services (HIRS)

Persons living with HIV/AIDS are encouraged to utilize any of the services at HCS. Aside from specialized services for people living with HIV/AIDS, HCS offers a wide variety of free counseling, training, and technical assistance to homebuyers, homeowners, tenants, and homeless persons. Please call a MHAP specialist at (202) 667-2681 to learn more about the services at HCS. HCS Staff can also refer you to other organizations for assistance.