Tenants should schedule a Landlord-Tenant Counseling session if they need help resolving a landlord/tenant dispute or tenancy problem. Tenants in the following situations should set up an appointment for Landlord-Tenant counseling.

– Tenants in danger of eviction or whose landlords have told them to vacate their home.
– Tenants whose landlords or management companies fail to make epairs and tenants living in unsafe conditions.
– Tenants living with Lead Safety Hazards in their homes
– Tenants who believe their landlords are charging illegal rent increases
– Tenants who believe they are the victims of housing discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the part of their landlord or management company.
– Any tenant with a question about their rights or a dispute with their landlord or management company

Tenants may call to schedule an appointment.

Please be sure to bring all required documents to your counseling session. Document Checklist

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