Appointments for foreclosure prevention counseling are scheduled by calling (202) 265-CALL (2255) or by email at No in-person (face-to-face) counseling is being offered at this time; however, we are providing counseling remotely (by telephone or the internet). We have canceled all Foreclosure Prevention Clinics for the time being. When clinics resume they will include a presentation on vital information that every homeowner in danger of foreclosure should know. Clients who attend the clinic are then scheduled to meet individually with counselors who will address their specific situations.

Counselors assess their clients’ financial and credit status and, if appropriate, contact their lenders to negotiate alternatives to foreclosure (modifications, repayment plans, etc). Counselors also help their clients apply for any assistance programs for which they might be eligible. Currently there are special programs that are designed specifically to assist individuals that have been impacted by the COVID-19 corona virus as well as programs designed to assist seniors who are delinquent with reverse mortgages. Borrowers that are involved in court ordered foreclosures and or condo / HOA foreclosures, may receive up to 5 hours of free legal assistance from our services as well. Counselors may also refer clients for legal assistance when a case of predatory lending or loan fraud is identified.

Please be sure to have available all required documents because you may be scheduled for an individual counseling session immediately (please see the Foreclosure Prevention Document Check List ).