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Housing Counseling Services, Inc.

2410 17th Street, Suite 100, NW

Washington, DC 20009


Main Number: 202-667-7706

Email: info@housingetc.org


Employment Opportunities:

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Resumes and cover letters should be sent to:



For General Housing Information:





Cooperative and Condominium Department:

202-667-7608 or jadehall@housingetc.org


COVID-19 Tenant Based Rental Assistance Rental Assistance:



Foreclosure Prevention Department:

202-265-2255 or foreclosure@housingetc.org


Homelessness Prevention Department (includes ERAP and CHAP):

202-667-7339 or erap@housingetc.org


Home Purchase Assistance Programs (HPAP/EAHP/NEAHP)

202-667-7706 or info@housingetc.org


Single-Family Home Rehabilitation Programs (SFRRP):

202-667-7706 or info@housingetc.org


Housing Counseling:

202-667-7706 or info@housingetc.org


Inclusionary Zoning / Affordable Dwelling Unit Department:

202-667-7715 or iz.adu@housingetc.org


Services for Persons living with HIV or AIDS:

202-900-9471 or

mhap@housingetc.org or

tbra@housingetc.org or



Supportive Services for Veteran Families:

202-667-7366 or ssvfprogram@housingetc.org


Tenant Services Department:

202-900-9464 or tenants@housingetc.org


Training Webinars and Workshops Department:

202-667-7606 or training@housingetc.org